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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bahaa Mohamed Ayuob

 Real Name :- Bahaa MoHamEd AyuOB

 Birth Date :- 6 June

 Birth Place :- Cairo , Egypt

 Job :- Singer & Composer & Author

Bahaa Ayoub is a singer at the beginning of his way to stardom began singing talent first from the age of seven when he discovered his father so he decided to develop this talent and joined O Ayoub, Faculty of Education, and then moved on to musical


In addition to the talent in singing that he went to composing and became also a written songs for many artists and Baldhavh to all this he Eetmez بغنائه operatic heritage

Bahaa Ayoub has many of the features is walking around and trying to reach all these talents to the public and become a star in the Arab world


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