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Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Qanun is the most important instrument in Egyptian Takht . It's jop to play every note which singer sing , and also play as a solo instrument . So it makes Egyptian Takht so deep and delicious ,
nowadays in recorded songs we use qanun just for playing solo ,rarely when we use it behind singer .
Every singer has his range and special note for maqam or scale , Qanun player must be good at music science in order to transpose any note to other fast live on a concert . By the way nowadays in Egypt , Musician of Takht doesn't have to make a rehearsals before playing on stage because nowadays Takht plays just old music which sang by um-Kulthum , Abdel Wahab , Abdel 7alim , Mohamed Fawzy ....... etc which any Egyptian musician must know .


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