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Friday, 12 October 2012

Qanun Player In Umm Kulthum Band

Mohammed Abdu Saleh , who was born in a suburb of Cairo in 1912, the family of the art it was his father "Alnayati" a member of the choir and Hamouli Abdo Mohammed Othman, when he was the holder of Certificate world Azhar, while his grandfather was "Alnayati" private Sultan Abdul Hamid.
Early morningPush Abdo Saleh love art that is still small _, _ no more than six years to discuss a piece of wood and copper wire and nails be "legally small", defying his father, who tried to small through art, but in vain. Especially after playing Mohammed Abdo,
when he was seven years before a large audience, won applauded life of the audience, and everyone praised him, and filled his pockets books gold.Directed "Alnayati" Orientation Father small study does not hands regularly, and his insistence on music learning is increasing day by day, he sent teachers to learn and Alepesharv and Asamaiat other. And began the first of his experiences in the game of law, in twelve years, the unionized musicians concert in common with the late Mohamed Salem, Law oldest player at the time, and it was the appropriate step first in how to play, where he later worked with Sayed Darwish Abdullah Al-Kholi, Idris Ahmed, Saleh Abdul Hai, and Mohammed Abdel Wahab.Umm Kulthum bandThe "Oum Kalthoum" is the mark of a travel Mohammed Abdu Saleh music; Since I met at the house of Amin El Mahdi in 1926, fate arranged combine, where Umm Kulthum - then - singing in Takht Mohammed Akkad and then work with Ibrahim Takht Erian "right player and team leader of Umm Kulthum" after the death of large Akkad, and in 1929 separated the dispute between Umm Kulthum and El-Erian, Fastaant Oum Kalthoum, Mohamed Abdu Saleh as an actor on the law rather than its predecessor. resurrected and the first together with the "Lady of Arabic singing" Cinema Fouad, building gondolas, July 26, rue now, and Umm Kulthum sang in this concert, " Oh peace "," Huo De rid of God, "and" Aziz تذله. "Was in favor of that combine versatility and Akkad Arian Overall, the role of the brightness of Umm Kulthum, especially in times Artgalha some المواويل, where he was initially in favor of the right facial sanctuaries compatible with most Bmoktuah in this case, must be preceded by the character instrumentalist singer, instrumentalist singer singing character recognition, and its role in the early chip after applause and released his division commander, after a signal Oum Kalthoum, as described by some sea waves Bmtoagliat to not spoil the first few letters. It should be noted that it is not right for the benefit of that role competently, without ostentation promises Algosbjee Mohammed, reindeer parchment Ibrahim Afifi, Ahmed Hefnawi accuracy violin, cello control Ramzi Mahmoud, engineering Nye Syed Salim, who has not Tstgn her Umm Kulthum, even after the disease Ojhdh.Do not hesitate just skilled, but try running musical composition, while the fingers have a new way to deal with the movements of the respective law Agaflath beautiful and amazing, was Qrihth produce net art, music, movement and souls " through the thrill our ears "off revealing sanctuaries" Hunde, listen moored Nkeraz CICA, "These are the last pieces of mention anxiety, complaint, serenity, Ohoaqa Let the time of the magic, and before noon time. Undoubtedly, his audience was happier than us, some of whom continue to play concerts,

 Umm Kulthum before top musicians, without a stage, singers and musicians voiceless without fingers.Early morning alsoIn 1962 began the symptoms of the disease appear, and after three years they sure angina, the pain that seemed to have increased after the death of his brother, the only gift Saleh, Director editing studio of Egypt at the time, late 1969, Abdu Saleh Voqla and penchant few hobbies that affect the heart. And at the age of fifty-eighth session, 30 June 1970 precisely located Bashgueth sixth dream role in a condominium beside ball Theatre "in mm dreams Shaath, the rest of the friends effort, then his heart out and I slept "in the words of the writer Khaled Rowaishan to mourn a friend.While she was in favor in the last days, as his wife Troy "woke up early, was active light, but I think I was sick, call your girls, and asked him to sit down with me. Has not left the house all day, and when it was time for food, sitting alone at the table, taking medications that أbefore eating, and while eating his meal fell on her head table, I jumped out of bed, you him, raised his head, which was entrusted to me, I contacted the doctor who signed the disclosure quickly, then looked up and said the rest of your life, I could not believe it, You would think in a coma, Fujha still bright, warm, where life last consulted a physician, and filled the whole house with the family and neighbors, and attended our second daughter before the arrival of the doctor, who was scarcely sign detection until it said.! the rest of your life, then goes quickly as it did predecessor doctor. "Umm Kulthum when she heard the news rushed to her home, pours her tears and stood next to his body, some verses of the Koran reader, but they did not participate in the funeral, "to not turn into a manifestation offend fear "attitude, she said! And it is only sister Mohamed Dessouki.


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