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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nemra Setta Band

Nemra Setta ... an Amazing Blend Of Sounds Combining Eastern, Western & Spanish Melodies Together Bringing Out a Whole Unique Inspirational Sound.
The Songs handle Daily Social Issues from Real & Political Life. Moreover, Immortalizing some names of places in Egypt through the songs.

Activites :
1- Shooting movie " Gedo habiby" 
2-    Ismailia Public Library Concert 
3Shamm El-nassim Festival @ El-khaldeen Park
4-SCU 7amlt ''Ana hat3'ayer"
5-Fan El-middan "midan Abden"2-7-2011
6-Egypt now festival
7-Prom Faculty of Vet "suez canal university"
8-"El-Basta "9-9-2011
9-"El-sawy Culture Wheel "11-9-2011
10-Maker Faire Africa 2011 in Cairo"A.U.C"
11-El Fan Hayah Festival 31-10-2011
12-Porto Music festival
13-Tito's Cafe
14-El-Danvah Color festival
15-Bahlaam Festival
16-Amr Hassan Concert
17-Elsawy Culture Wheel 30-9-2012

About Members:

Mohamed El-sayiaad ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in November 14th,1989

An Oud Player, Singer & Composer.
From Ismailia, Studying at College Of Musical Education,"minor: Oud." Always form the Top Ten Of His College students as his dream is becoming a Demonstrator at his own college.He has been playing Oud for 6 Years and still developing himself through the college.
-Mohamed Is a Musical Composer & Singer,, He Was Awarded as the Best Oud Player "Tala2e3" In Egypt in an event held by The Ministry of Youth & Sports in 2005.
-In 2010 He was Ranked FIRST In Playing Oud in Egypt through a competition held by The Ministry of Youth & Sports.
-A Member in "The Arabic Oud House" for Naseer Shamma.
-Held many Concerts in The Opera House in Egypt.
Inspired by his Brother as he was the only one supporting him. He is affected by the Arabic Music Heritage and Turkish Music....
He Is Inspired by Fareed El-Atrash, Mahmoud El-Gebaly, Hussien Saber, Naseer Shamma.
-He had composed so many songs before in addition of being a Singer.

Ahmad Atif Khattab ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in February 28th, 1988.

A Guitar Player, Singer & Composer.
From Ismailia, Graduated in Faculty of Commerce in Suez canal University. Loved Music from the School, specifically his professor "Ahmed Morgan" who made him love it. He used to sneak out of classes and escape them just to go to the Music room and play on the instruments.
He Started with The Mandolin, going through the Piano , Ending with The Guitar.
Ahmed was Tought Guitar officially by "Islam El-sayiaad" Mohamed El-sayiaad's Brother.
-Ahmad Is a Musical composer and Singer,, He was Ranked FIRST in Egypt in Guitar playing at The event held by The Ministry of Youth & Sports In 2010.
-Held The Title of "The University's Superstar" in His University of Suez Canal for Two years successively.
-Ranked the First allover The Egyptian Universities in Guitar Playing at the event "University students in the ninth week in Mansoura for the year 2009"
-Ranked FIRST at The Youth Competition "El-Tala2e3" Held by The Ministry Of Youth & Sports In 2004.
-Ranked First in Guitar playing at a Competition held by the Ministry of Education For Schools In 2002.
-Participated in "Spanish Tones band" which held lots of musical Concerts in The shooting Club, Mubarak's Public Library, & Police Club.
-Ranked FIRST In The Competition held by T.V 5 "T.V Cinque" at The "Alliance " In Port saied.
-Participated in many Festivals as "The Centennial Festival of Cairo University", "The Festival of Alex University For Music and Choir". Attended workshops for Music & Guitar playing. In addition to holding concerts in "2osoor El- Sakafa" .


Hazem Gamal ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in September 8th, 1989

Born in Kuwait and lived there for years, Then came to settle in his hometown Ismailia. He is studying Engineering at The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology El-Arish.
-Hazem has been writing for 8 years and he has written so many Divans of Poetry, Mohamed el sayiaad was the first one from the band whom he met and had been encouraging him to write since then.
-Hazem had been writing since he was in the secondary school "1st sec." and when he entered college he began to sing ,, where he got lots of support from Khattab & Saiyaad. Moreover ,He held lots of concerts at his Institute.

Hazem el faggal ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in December 23rd, 1984

A Drummer & a Singer.
From Ismailia. Holds The Diploma in Agriculture. On 2008, Hazem joined Fer2et el moseeka el 3arabeyya "The band of Arabic music"
-He held the Second Place In Egypt with the choral band In 2010.
-He was taught music by his Professor Mr.Osama and eventually joined the school's Music Ensemble.
-Got many awards in competitions held by the ministry of sports and youth
Moreover, he travelled to Eretria in 2010 for the target of music performance.

Karim Gohar ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in January 31st

From Cairo
Began his love for music since he was a child as he was inspired by his father's love for music who encouraged him to be linked to it. Till he joined the koonsirvatwar higher institute where he got allocated in playing the Cello and Piano.
-He began to compose pieces of music and songs. then he got in to another stage which is playing guitar, which stemmed from his personal talent since he excelled in teaching himself how to play it on his own.
Karim then joined the Faculty of musical education and knew Sayiaad, Mohamed Samir as colleagues in the same college where he began to integrate into the production of a new kind of music then came the idea of the Band and joined the Band.

Islam Hefny  ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born in September 22nd , 1982.

Drummer & Song Writer.
Graduated In Faculty Of Commerce In Suez Canal University/ 2004.
Occupation: Accountant at Orascom Telecom Company.
-He started his Music Life at the age of 15.
-He Wrote Operetta "El Helm El 3araby" for the Composer Mina Farouk , Singer Mohamed Kammah, Shahinaz and and an Elite of Singers.
-Had Written two songs for The Singer Mado in his Upcoming Album.


Mohamed El-Ayyadi  ( Egyptian Musician ) : Born In July 24th, 1988.

Rhythm player
BA In Tourism & Hotels/ 2010.
His Love for Music started at the Age of 10, He Participated in lots of schools competitions on the governmental & National Level.
Participated in lots of Musical bands with a number of The Middle east celebrities.
His Love for Music came from his Uncle "Ahmed El-Ayyadi " The Middle east celebrity.


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